Best Omega Watches to Invest In

best omega watches to invest in

Omega boasts an impressive pedigree as one of Switzerland’s oldest watch manufacturers. Omega watches have a long and illustrious history that includes appearances in numerous James Bond films, trips to the moon, use in countless Olympic Games, and more.

All of these factors have helped make Omega a respected and prestigious name in the watch industry. First and foremost, Omega is known for producing high-quality, technically innovative watches.

Investing in wristwatches is a regular topic of conversation. Many individuals see wristwatches as a safe investment that will yield positive returns over time. Or keep its value if it does not increase.

It seems like the best of both worlds. Put your money in a watch from Wrist Watch Blog that makes you happy and certain that it will rise in value over time.

Let’s go right in and take a look at five models that could appreciate value over time.

1. Omega Speedmaster “Replica” Ref. 3594.50.00

The first watch is a replica of the first Omega Speedmaster, which was released in 1957. To mark the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster, Seamaster 300, and Railmaster, Omega released the famous Trilogy collection of watches in 2017. This particular reissue of the Speedmaster was presented 20 years earlier in honor of the watch’s 40th anniversary. This watch strikes the ideal balance between retro styling and current Speedmaster features. The current watch has a much larger case than its historical model. The original Speedmaster reference CK2915 featured a case diameter of 38.6 mm. On the other hand, this “Replica” model features Omega’s classic but modern asymmetrical 42-mm casing.

2. Omega Seamaster 300 “Spectre” Ref.

The second watch on our top ten is a limited-edition Bond wristwatch featured on last year’s best investment Omegas list. It has been hailed as the definitive Omega Bond release. The watch was also the first limited edition item shown in a Bond film. In honor of Spectre, Daniel Craig’s fourth Bond film, Omega released the Seamaster 300 “Spectre” that same year. Not all 7,007 were purchased immediately, but the demand and price have increased consistently over the past five years.

3. Omega Speedmaster Professional “Alaska Project” Ref. 311.

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Alaska Project is up next and is a sight to behold. This watch paid homage at Baselworld 2008 to models created for the top-secret Alaska Project. Omega only made 1,970 of these special edition watches. As part of NASA’s Alaska Project, Omega was tasked with developing a watch robust enough to survive the Moon’s harsh environment. It was known internally as the “Lunar Surface Chronograph.” In 1969, Omega unveiled its initial creation, a prototype watch made of titanium with a thick case and given the name Alaska I. The watch’s dial was white and protected from the sun by a zinc oxide layer. In addition, the red aluminum exterior shell shielded the watch from fire. Finally, the rocket hands were used in the chronograph subdial.

4. Omega Speedmaster First Omega In Space Ref. 311.

Our next watch is the Speedmaster “First Omega In Space.” Once again, this watch made our 2021 list and is on track to do even better in 2022. The watch, which debuted at Baselworld 2012 and was previously a part of the Speedmaster Heritage Models range and offered an excellent entry point into the Speedmaster world for its list price of $5,300, has been discontinued. However, Omega stopped making the watch two years ago, leading to a surge in interest in its successor, the Speedmaster FOIS. The Speedmaster ref. CK2998, worn by Walter “Wally” Schirra on October 3, 1962, during the Sigma 7 flight, inspired the numbered edition (not limited!).

5. Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary “Trilogy” Limited Edition Ref. 311.

The last watch here was briefly addressed before. To commemorate the 60th anniversaries of the Speedmaster, Seamaster 300, and Railmaster, Omega released the 1957 Trilogy collection in 2017. I placed the Seamaster 300 on my list from the previous year, and after a little decline in the middle of the year, it now appears to be increasing in value. The Speedmaster is the only Trilogy watch whose price has steadily risen over the years. Replicating the design of the original 1957 Speedmaster ref. CK2915, while using cutting-edge technology and manufacturing processes, resulted in a magnificent watch. The watch is a fantastic tribute to the original Speedmaster.


As you can see, the resale value of an Omega watch depends on a wide variety of circumstances.

Omega watches typically lose value after being purchased at full retail price. However, there are limited editions that are not subject to this rule.

In the first year, the value of an Omega watch often decreases by 20% – 40%. The price will vary according to the particular model’s condition, popularity, and supply.

Whether or not an Omega watch retains its worth is determined by how much you pay for it. If you buy an Omega watch from an authorized dealer or on the secondary market, you may be able to enjoy it and then resell it for the same price you paid. 

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