Fossil Automatic Watches: Are They Worth the Hype? An In-depth Review and Analysis

Fossil Automatic Watches Review: Are They Worth the Hype?

Fossil, a renowned name in the world of watches, has always been synonymous with style and innovation. With the resurgence of automatic watches, many are left wondering if Fossil’s automatic offerings live up to the brand’s reputation. Let’s dive deep and find out.

Understanding Automatic Watches

Before delving into Fossil’s collection, it’s essential to understand what makes automatic watches special. Unlike quartz watches that run on batteries, automatic watches harness the energy from the wearer’s wrist movements, offering a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Key Features of Fossil Automatic Watches

  1. Design and Aesthetics: Fossil’s automatic watches boast a blend of vintage charm and contemporary design, making them suitable for both casual and formal settings.
  2. Movement and Accuracy: Powered by intricate mechanics, these watches promise precision without the need for a battery.
  3. Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials, Fossil ensures longevity and resilience.
  4. Special Features: From water resistance to luminous hands, Fossil doesn’t skimp on the extras.

The Advantages of Going Automatic with Fossil

Choosing an automatic watch is a statement. With Fossil, you’re not just getting a timepiece but a piece of art. The no-battery convenience, combined with Fossil’s design prowess, makes it a worthy addition to any collection. Let’s delve deeper into some of their standout automatic products and see what users have to say.

1. Fossil’s “The Minimalist” Watch

Fossil Minimalist Men's Watch Fossil Minimalist Chrono Chronograph Fossil Men's Minimalist Quartz Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch Fossil Men Minimalist 3H Quartz Watch

  • Description: Characterized by its thinness, “The Minimalist” line from Fossil is only 7mm thin, offering a low profile that sits comfortably on the wrist. The case diameter is approximately 44mm, with a lug-to-lug measurement of about 53mm. The unique shape of this timepiece, combined with its long protruding lugs, evokes a vintage-style watch case.
  • User Feedback: Many users appreciate the blend of the case’s two-tone polished and matte features. The polished fixed bezel holding the domed crystal adds to its charm. The bracelet, surprisingly, has been well-received, with many preferring to keep using it rather than swapping it out.

2. Stella Watch by Fossil

Fossil Women's Stella Fossil Womens Stella Crystal Chronograph Fossil 18 mm - Stella Dress Watch Fossil Women's Stella Mini Quartz Stainless Steel and Ceramic Three-Hand Watch

  • Description: The Stella watch is a blend of classic design with sophisticated sports influences. It features a double row of crystals and coin edge detailing around an oversized case. The rose gold stainless steel case with a brown dial complements the rose gold stainless steel bracelet band. The watch is also interchangeable with all Fossil 16mm straps.
  • Special Feature: An automatic—or self-winding—watch, the Stella captures energy from the wearer’s arm movement, eliminating the need for manual winding or a battery.
  • User Feedback: Fossil’s inspiration from American creativity and ingenuity is evident in the Stella watch. The brand has always aimed to bring quality, fashionable watches that are both fun and accessible. The Stella watch, with its automatic mechanical movement, reveals the intricate, hand-assembled inner workings through its skeleton dial. It’s water-resistant up to 50m, suitable for short periods of recreational swimming and showering.

3. Fossil’s Portfolio of Brands

  • Description: Fossil Group, Inc. boasts a diverse portfolio of brands, including Fossil, BMW, Relic, Michele Watch, Misfit, Skagen Denmark, WSI, and Zodiac Watches. They also have licensing agreements with renowned brands such as Adidas, Armani Exchange, Burberry, Diesel, DKNY, Emporio Armani, and more. This extensive range showcases Fossil’s versatility and reach in the watch industry.

fossil watch

  • User Feedback: The brand’s foray into the Swiss-made watch market, including the introduction of Fossil Swiss, has garnered attention. With quartz and mechanical movements produced by its subsidiaries in Switzerland’s Canton Ticino, Fossil has made a significant mark in the Swiss watch market.

4. Fossil’s Zodiac Watches

  • Description: In 2001, Fossil acquired the Swiss brand Zodiac Watches. This acquisition added a touch of Swiss craftsmanship to Fossil’s already diverse range. Zodiac Watches are known for their precision and quality, and under Fossil’s umbrella, they have continued to thrive.
  • User Feedback: Fossil saw The acquisition as a strategic move to expand its presence in the luxury watch segment and cater to a broader audience. The combination of Zodiac’s Swiss precision with Fossil’s design sensibilities has been well-received by watch enthusiasts.

5. Fossil’s Collaboration with Philippe Starck

  • Description: Fossil’s collaboration with world-renowned designer Philippe Starck has resulted in a unique line of watches that blend Starck’s innovative designs with Fossil’s watchmaking expertise. This partnership showcases Fossil’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new design frontiers.
  • User Feedback: The collaboration has been praised for bringing a fresh and modern touch to Fossil’s collection. Philippe Starck’s design philosophy, combined with Fossil’s craftsmanship, has resulted in watches that are functional and make a bold style statement.

These additional products and collaborations further highlight Fossil’s dedication to innovation, design, and quality in the world of automatic watches.

Addressing the Critiques

No product is without its critics. Some argue that Fossil’s automatic watches require more maintenance than their quartz counterparts. Others believe that there are better options at the same price point. While these concerns are valid, Fossil’s reputation and commitment to quality often outweigh these criticisms.

1. The Watch Collector’s Perspective

  • Description: Many watch collectors have a nostalgic connection with Fossil watches, as for many, a Fossil watch was their first timepiece. However, as collectors evolve in their journey, some tend to look back and critique their initial choices.
  • User Feedback: While some collectors in the watch community might express disdain for Fossil, it’s essential to remember that the brand has played a foundational role in many collectors’ journeys. The brand offers value, quality, and style, making it a top affordable watch brand. However, some collectors feel that as their tastes evolve, they should critique their previous choices, which sometimes include Fossil.

2. The Question of Luxury

  • Description: There’s often a debate about where Fossil stands in the watch hierarchy. Is it a luxury brand or a mid-tier brand?
  • User Feedback: Fossil is not considered a luxury brand. While it offers excellent quality for its price range, luxury brands typically fall into a category defined by superior materials, lower production runs, proprietary functions, higher price points, and more. Fossil, while respected, does not fit into this luxury category.

fossil automatic watch

3. The Origin and Production

  • Description: The origin of a watch can sometimes influence its perception and critique. Where a watch is made can impact its perceived value and quality.
  • User Feedback: Fossil watches are made in China, but the brand has its design studio in Biel, Switzerland. This blend of production and design locations might lead to mixed feelings among enthusiasts. Some might critique the production origin, while others might appreciate the Swiss design influence.

These critiques provide a more in-depth look into the concerns and perceptions surrounding Fossil’s automatic watches. While some criticisms are valid, it’s evident that Fossil’s commitment to quality and design often shines through, making it a brand of choice for many watch enthusiasts.

Fossil vs. The Competition

When discussing the realm of automatic watches, especially when considering Fossil automatic watches, it’s evident that Fossil offers affordability without compromising on quality. Stacked against luxury brands, and even when compared to other mid-range brands, Fossil often emerges as a frontrunner in design and innovation. Let’s delve deeper into how Fossil’s automatic watches compare with some of its competitors:

1. Fossil vs. Timex

  • Overview: Timex and Fossil are two leading watch brands that both bring something unique to the table. While Timex has a long-standing reputation in the watch industry, Fossil, especially with its range of automatic watches, has built a respectable name for itself with its versatile catalog.
  • Strengths of Timex: Known for its reliability and precision, Timex has been a top watchmaker for decades. Their watches, such as the Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back, showcase their expertise in blending style and substance.
  • Strengths of Fossil: Fossil’s versatility in design, especially in their automatic watches, and its focus on current watch market trends make it a favorite among many. They incorporate both Japanese and Swiss quartz movements into their watches, ensuring reliability.
  • Comparison Conclusion: While Timex might have an edge in terms of historical reputation, Fossil’s automatic watches hold their own with fashion-forward designs and reliable mechanisms.

2. Fossil vs. Seiko

  • Overview: Seiko, a Japanese watchmaker, has been around for over two centuries and is known for its innovative watch technologies. Fossil, particularly with its line of automatic watches, is a newer brand that focuses on the fashion side of the watch industry.
  • Strengths of Seiko: Seiko introduced the first quartz movement watch, the Seiko Astron, and has been a pioneer in the industry. They have also developed solar-powered wristwatches and the Spring Drive movement technology designed for space travel.
  • Strengths of Fossil: Fossil is known for its designer watches, including its automatic watches and collaborations with famous fashion brands. They offer a wide range of watches with either Japanese or Swiss quartz movement.
  • Comparison Conclusion: While Seiko is revered for its technological advancements in watchmaking, Fossil’s automatic watches appeal to those looking for fashionable and affordable timepieces.

3. Fossil’s Position in the Market

  • Overview: Fossil’s primary target has been the fashion watch industry, emphasizing its automatic watches significantly. They have successfully developed their reputation within this niche and expanded their brand as the premier manufacturer of fashion watches.
  • Strengths of Fossil: Fossil, especially with its line of automatic watches, is best known as a designer brand rather than just a watchmaker. They have developed partnerships with famous designer brands, leading to visually striking timepieces. They also offer a broad price range, from budget-friendly to more expensive models.
  • Comparison Conclusion: Fossil’s strength, particularly in the realm of automatic watches, lies in its ability to blend fashion with function. While they might not be considered a luxury brand in the traditional sense, their watches are reliable, well-made, and cater to a wide audience.

fossil automatic watch

While Fossil, especially its automatic watches, faces stiff competition from established brands like Timex and Seiko, its unique positioning in the market as a fashion-forward watch brand allows it to stand out and appeal to a specific audience.

What Do the Users Say About Fossil Automatic Watches?

Fossil’s automatic watches are highly regarded for their style, functionality, and durability. Many users have taken to Amazon to express their satisfaction with their purchases, praising the watches for their design and reliability. However, as with any product, some users have mentioned occasional maintenance needs. Despite this, the overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive.

Final Verdict: Is the Hype Justified?

After considering the plethora of positive feedback, especially from a trusted platform like Amazon, it’s evident that Fossil automatic watches are more than just a passing trend. They stand as a testament to Fossil’s commitment to quality and innovation. So, are Fossil automatic watches worth the hype? The answer from the vast majority of users is a resounding “Absolutely.”


Are Fossil automatic watches good?

Yes, Fossil automatic watches are known for their blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. They offer a balance of style and functionality, making them a popular choice among automatic watch enthusiasts.

Is Fossil A Luxury Brand for automatic watches?

While Fossil offers high-quality automatic watches with intricate designs, it is not categorized as a luxury brand in the traditional sense. However, their automatic watches provide excellent value for their price point.

Where Are Fossil Automatic Watches Made?

Fossil automatic watches are primarily manufactured in China. However, the brand's design influences come from its studio in Biel, Switzerland.

How Much Do Fossil Automatic Watches Cost?

Prices for Fossil automatic watches typically range from $100 to $500, depending on the model, features, and materials used.

Are Fossil automatic watches a reliable make?

Absolutely. Fossil's automatic watches are known for their reliability, precision, and attention to detail.

Is Seiko automatic better than Fossil automatic?

Both Seiko and Fossil have their strengths in the automatic watch segment. Seiko has a long-standing reputation for its innovative watch technologies, while Fossil is recognized for its stylish and contemporary designs. The choice between the two often comes down to individual preferences.

Can you shower with a Fossil automatic watch?

While some Fossil automatic watches have water resistance features, it's generally advisable to avoid exposing any automatic watch to soapy water or steam from a shower to ensure its longevity.

Which is better for automatic watches: Fossil or Casio?

Both brands offer quality automatic watches. Fossil is known for its fashion-forward designs, while Casio is recognized for its durability and functional features. The decision would depend on the specific needs and style preferences of the user.

Which is best for automatic watches: Timex or Fossil?

Both Timex and Fossil produce reputable automatic watches. Timex is known for its classic designs and reliability, while Fossil offers a more contemporary look. The choice between the two would largely depend on individual style preferences and desired features.

These answers provide a general overview based on common knowledge and perceptions of Fossil’s automatic watches. For more detailed insights, especially regarding specific models, it’s always a good idea to consult direct product reviews or the brands’ official websites.


In the vast world of automatic watches, Fossil has carved a niche for itself, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. While it faces stiff competition from brands like Seiko, Timex, and Casio, Fossil’s commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability makes it a standout choice for many. Whether you’re a seasoned watch enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of automatic timepieces, Fossil offers a range of options that are both stylish and reliable. As the watch industry continues to evolve, Fossil’s dedication to staying at the forefront of design and technology ensures that its automatic watches remain timeless classics.

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