Who Makes the Best Smart Watches

who makes the best smart watches

In a world that’s progressively driven by technology, smartwatches have rapidly evolved from being a niche tech gadget to a mainstream essential accessory. They are our wellness consultants, digital assistants, and lifestyle trackers, all encapsulated within a stylish wrist wearable. This article explores the leading manufacturers who makes the best smart watches in 2023. Our top picks, which include Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin, are recognized for their innovation, reliability, and style.

Apple: Redefining Technology on Your Wrist

apple watch

When discussing smartwatch manufacturers, Apple is often mentioned. When it comes to smartwatches, many people believe Apple to be the industry pioneer.  With its inventive fusion of svelte style, practical functionality, and cutting-edge technology, the Apple Watch Series has continually raised the standard higher in the smartwatch market. Series 8 of the Apple Watch, released in 2023, has an improved always-on display, more sophisticated health monitoring capabilities, and a speedier CPU. The smartwatch is a perfect blend of technological marvel and design aesthetic, ensuring it deserves its spot in the top bracket of smartwatch manufacturers.

Samsung: Powerhouse of Android Smartwatches

Samsung watch

Korean electronics giant Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line has made major advances in the smartwatch market. These Android-compatible smartwatches have adaptable designs and functionality to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Launched in 2023, the Galaxy Watch 4 has received high marks for its long battery life, sophisticated health measures, and harmonious compatibility with the Android platform. The fact that it works with so many different applications makes it a serious candidate for best smartwatch developer.

Fitbit: Your Health and Fitness Companion

Fitbit watch

Fitbit, renowned for their fitness trackers, has successfully branched out into the realm of smartwatches. Their Versa and Sense series have garnered global attention for their impressive health and fitness tracking capabilities. In 2023, the Fitbit Versa 4 continues to impress with its comprehensive wellness tracking, long battery life, and user-friendly interface. Fitbit’s smartwatches stand out for their robust health and fitness focus, making them a top pick for wellness enthusiasts.

Garmin: Rugged and Reliable

Garmin watch

Best known for their GPS technology, Garmin has ventured into the smartwatch market, particularly focusing on sport and outdoor activities. The Garmin Fenix series, for instance, offers reliable GPS tracking, top-tier fitness monitoring, and durability for adventurers and athletes alike. The Fenix 7, the latest model launched in 2023, offers more advanced features such as solar charging and advanced training metrics. Garmin’s robust, sport-centric design makes it a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts.

Google’s Wear OS: The Underdog

google smartwatch

Wear OS, Google’s smartwatch platform, may not be a manufacturer, but it certainly deserves mention for its impact on the industry. It powers smartwatches from multiple manufacturers like Fossil, Ticwatch, and others, giving users access to the Google ecosystem on their wrist. With the latest Wear OS update in 2023, Google has optimized its platform to offer better performance, more customizable watch faces, and improved health features.

Fossil: Blending Tradition with Technology

Fossil watch

Fossil is one of the leading manufacturers leveraging Google’s Wear OS, seamlessly integrating modern technology with their signature traditional watch designs. Fossil’s Gen 6 smartwatch, launched in 2023, features faster performance, enhanced fitness tracking, and a sleek design. It’s particularly admired for its ability to balance classic aesthetic appeal with digital functionality, catering to users who appreciate the look and feel of traditional watches while craving smart capabilities.

Huawei: Advancing the Smartwatch Game

Huawei smartwatch

Huawei has steadily become a significant player in the smartwatch market with its Huawei Watch series. The 2023 Huawei Watch 4 stands out for its sharp AMOLED display, strong health tracking features, and two-week-long battery life. Its unique selling proposition is its integration with Huawei’s HarmonyOS, which provides a smooth user experience and offers a diverse range of in-house apps.

Suunto: A Sports Enthusiast’s Dream

Suunto watch

Finnish company Suunto has made a name for itself in the smartwatch industry, particularly among sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The Suunto 9, launched in 2023, boasts an impressive GPS system, a multitude of sport modes, and exceptional durability. It has a unique feature of adaptive battery technology, which adjusts the battery usage based on the mode and length of your exercise, ensuring that the watch never runs out of charge during your adventures.

Amazfit: Value for Money

Amazfit watch

Amazfit, part of the Chinese tech company Huami, has carved out a niche for itself by offering budget-friendly smartwatches packed with a range of features. The Amazfit GTR 3, released in 2023, features a vibrant AMOLED display, comprehensive health tracking, GPS, and a battery life that can last for weeks. It is an excellent choice for users seeking a feature-packed smartwatch without breaking the bank.

Conclusion: The Race to the Top

The competition of who makes the best smartwatches is a thrilling race. Whether it’s Apple’s top-notch design and ecosystem, Samsung’s versatility, Fitbit’s emphasis on health, Garmin’s outdoor focus, or Google’s unified platform, each manufacturer has its unique strengths. The user’s selections determine the “best” smartwatch. As technology develops, the potential of smartwatches is up to speculation. But one thing is certain: the featured companies here will keep changing the face of wearable tech manufacturing.


What aspects should I take into account while purchasing a smartwatch?

Your decision should be based on several factors such as smartphone compatibility, the durability of the battery, quality of the display, health and fitness tracking capabilities, available applications, and design appeal. Remember to align your choice with your lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences.

How frequently do I need to charge a smartwatch?

The battery longevity varies widely among smartwatches. While some can last up to a fortnight like the Huawei Watch 4, others may require daily charging like the Apple Watch Series 8. Consider your readiness to charge your smartwatch regularly before you make your choice.

Can I use my smartwatch while swimming?

Several smartwatches come with a water-resistant rating which enables you to swim or shower while wearing them. However, the water resistance level can differ from one model to another. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding water exposure.

How sturdy are smartwatches?

The sturdiness of a smartwatch usually depends on its construction and design. Many smartwatches are robustly built and are designed to endure daily usage. Some smartwatches, like the Garmin Fenix 7 and Suunto 9, are particularly engineered to be extremely durable for outdoor and sporting activities.

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